Eschenbach Pendant Magnifiers+

Eschenbach Pendant Magnifiers+

magnification: 3.5x

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    Product features:

    • The light metal frame has an elegant finish.
    • Available in a gold-plated or chrome-plated finish
    • Length of chain approx. 80 cm.
    • The chain is included in delivery.
    • Magnification: 3.5x Ø40mm
    • We additionally recommend the Optional Microfibre cloth drawstring bag.
    • Made in Germany.

    Photos by Eschenbach.

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    Weight 0.045000 0.045000
    Magnification 3.5x 3.5x
    Lens Type Biconvex Biconvex
    Lens Material glass glass
    Lens diameter Ø 40mm 40mm