Surgical Loupes

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Dental Loupes - 2.5x [320mm or 420mm]

Starting at £99.27

Tech-Line Binocular LED Headband Magnifier [SETS]+

Starting at £176.47

Obrira HighEnd LED System III
Eschenbach teleMED+

Starting at £358.44

Eschenbach ridoMED+

Starting at £358.44

HEINE C 2.3x - 340mm or 450mm - Surgical Loupes+

Starting at £452.36

Obrira - High Quality Surgical Loupes+

Starting at £490.31

Heine C 2.3x k with Headband+

Starting at £502.13

Obrira Surgical Magnifiers - 2.5x with selectable Working Distance+

Starting at £626.22

Tech-Line Dental Loupes - 2.25X - GALILEI+

Starting at £712.47

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