Eschenbach teleMED+

Eschenbach teleMED+

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    • Coated lens system.
    • Adjustment of pupillary distance of 54–74 mm.
    • Lens diameter 23 mm.
    • Focusing/dioptre compensation adjusted individually for each eyepiece.
    • Ocular-side additional correction is possible, e.g. cylinder correction.
    • Sturdy carrier frame made from glass fibre reinforced, black plastic.
    • Comfortable, easily adjustable saddle bridge.
    • Supplied in black zippered case.


    teleMED Modelle:
    Prod. No. Prod. No. Eschen-bach Mag WorkingDistance Visual Field
    1103061 1634 3x / binocular 70cm bis ∞ 160m/1.000m
    1104061 16344 4x / binocular 78cm bis ∞ 130m/1.000m

    Made in Germany!

    SKU 1103061 1104061
    Weight 0.181000 0.160000
    Magnification 3x 4x
    Lens Type Binocular Binocular
    Lens Material glass glass
    Lens diameter Ø 23mm 23mm
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