Desk Magnifier LED Lamp - 2.25x/2.5x - Stand or Clamp+

Desk Magnifier LED Lamp - 2.25x/2.5x - Stand or Clamp+

Magnification: 2.5x/5x

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    Very practical lamp magnifier, which doesn’t take up much space and can be ready to use quickly whenever needed.
    Lamp magnifier with diverse uses; even light.
    • Bifocal lens (the big lens contains a smaller lens, which has a bigger magnification)
    • Silver plastic housing
    • Flexible neck
    • Stable stand, dimensions stand LxW: ca. 18x16cm
    • Model with table clamp or bracket: opening clamp or bracket max: 5,8cm
    • Housing: silver
    Art. no. Diameter/Magnification Diameter/Magnification of built-in lens Max. height of lens horizontally
    2602181 107mm / 2.25x 22mm / 5x ca. 24cm
    2602182 107mm / 2.25x 22mm / 5x ca. 40cm
    2602184 107mm / 2.25x 22mm / 5x ca. 40cm
    2602183 90mm / 2.5x 22mm / 5x ca. 17cm

    Delivery incl. batteries (3 batteries type AAA)
    Mainly used in the laboratory, in the electronic, chemical and cosmetic industries, for printing, natural sciences, model construction…

    SKU 2692181 2692182 2692183
    Weight 0.590000 0.750000 0.580000
    Magnification 2.25x 2.5x/5x 2.5x
    Lens Type Bifocal Bifocal Biconvex
    Lens Material glass glass glass
    Lens diameter Ø 107mm 107mm 90mm
    Illumination LED LED LED

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