PEAK #2057 Desk Magnifier+

PEAK #2057 Desk Magnifier+

Magnification: 4x, 3x, 2x

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    Absolutely perfect lenses: All three round, achromatic PEAK work magnifiers have new achromatic optical systems, consisting of two, optically pure white glass lenses cemented to one another. Available with different three diameters and enlargement factors, these colour-corrected lenses are distinguished by their excellent correction factor, completely eliminating unsharp lines over the entire image field. The extension arm can be adjusted as required in all directions and the heavy base keeps the magnifier from tipping over even in complex positions. The solid lens frames make these achromatic working magnifiers a valuable aid in every respect. Provides valuable help for assembly, testing or restoration work. Lenses coated on both sides to prevent reflection.


    Peak No. Magnification Lens size Optics Weight
    320415 4x 35 mm Achromatic, Distortion free 1.290 g
    320315 3x 55 cm Achromatic, Distortion free 1.340 g
    3202154 2x 75 mm Achromatic, Distortion free 1.340 g
    SKU 320415 320315 3202154
    Weight 1.610000 1.600000 1.770000
    Magnification 4x 3x 2x
    Lens Type Achromatic Achromatic Achromatic
    Lens Material high-grade silica high-grade silica high-grade silica
    Lens diameter Ø 35mm 55mm 75mm